Two Helpings

It’s been no secret that I lovelovelove the book The Help. Many months ago, M’Lynn sat across a table from me, grasped my hands and said, “you MUST read this book….it affected me.”

It was a few weeks/months later when Kathy finished reading for her book club and loaned me a copy. (apparently I was on an austerity plan that included not buying new hardback books for myself, because I cannot imagine why I didn’t run out and buy it immediatly???) But I digress. I read the book in five minutes. It was fat girl at the buffet binging on the words…the first novel of this author. I loved it. It was a beautiful story of courage, and not fitting into the status quo yet still marching along. It was a story of women and friendship, two things that will always get me.

Now, I know some of you read it and went, “meh” and that’s ok. Different strokes, ya know. The blessings of being different. However, I did NOT go “Meh”. I went out and bought a copy, and then was gifted a copy and immediatly passed them both out for others to read. I then told every client I knew who liked to read to run to get a copy. Because, that’s just what I do.

Wednesday, the movie version came out.

We (all of us that love the book) had been trepidatious about this movie, as book lovers usually are. But I had faith in it and couldn’t wait to see it.

Trish and Gabe and I made plans to see it opening night. We had a special dinner at The Melting Pot then hit the 9:30 movie. We loved it. Laughed. Cried. Loved.

I turned around and Sunday, Isabelle and Audra and I went to brunch at Cheevers and then hit the matinee. Bigger audience this time, lots of laughter and clapping and audience participation. Still the tears. Still the laughter.

I love having these special experiences with these women. I couldn’t have asked for better. The perfect girl’s night/day!

The movie was different. They changed a lot, rearranged and left out some stuff as happens when it goes to screen. But I loved it. I’m happy to have seen it. I love Emma Stone. I love Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer. I love the bond of these characters and the strength of their spirit. I love that they truly take care of each other. They are a witness to their lives, standing strong for the ebb and flow of it all. What a blessing.

I know how they feel.

It’s my last free Monday. I’m going to be lazy and productive. I’m going to finish reading Little Women. I’m going to watch some tv on Netflix.  I’m going to have dinner with Caro tonight. And we’ll see what else arrives.

One thought on “Two Helpings

  1. My sister told me today that she thought I was nuts for pushing her so hard to read it. (Yeesh, she and I are night and day.) But she finished it this past weekend. Started it and finished QUICKLY and loved it. Adored it. So guess who may end up at the theater with a loved one who needs a movie-watching partner? To see it for the 4th time?!

    And I’m totally cool with it!


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