The clock is counting down….just a few more days until That Grad School Thing becomes Reality. I’ve noticed that I’m getting antsy.

Antsy about everything.

About money. I forgot to pay some bills at the first of this month. This has happened maybe two or three times this year and I NEVER do this. (except for the two or three times I’ve done it this year) I’m worried about my new work schedule, and making the money I need to make. I’m jittery and antsy about it and have already started thinking about where I can cut back. Working on an Austerity Plan. No more eating out, drinking out…which pretty much kills the social life but if my friends dont understand then really. Not my friends. Right?

About the workload. Have I bitten off too much? Am I going to be able to DO THIS THING??? sheesh.

I know there’s other things I’m antsy about, but I can’t remember them because I’m a little focused on the Money and the Workload.

I’m also fixated on getting a desk for my study. My doors have been installed, my back room is almost perfect…But for that imaginary desk. Clearly, I’m focused on the desk because it’s something I can control. I’m trying to figure out who has a truck I can borrow because YaYaTammie has one I can have, but it’s big and won’t break down to fit into my car and she lives in Yukon. Gah. Roadblock. Navigate around it. I’ll figure it out.

So that’s me. Just a bundle of nerves today. I’m going to have some peanut butter toast then get some bills paid, and I need to go to the grocery store. However. I may go ride my bike awhile instead.

Happy Humpday, ya’ll.

3 thoughts on “Nerves

  1. I think we have a tendency to fail at things we didn’t really even want to do in the first place. But those things that we know we want, have always wanted, that thing we are passionate about always turn out to be our best success. It will work because you want it.


  2. Josh Hornberger has a shiny, shiny pickup truck and a love of all things Misti – we might as well get something out of him…


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