Austerity Plan

I had some panicky moments yesterday but after the bills got paid, I said a prayer of thanks, took stock of what I’ve got to live on and what I really need to buy. My austerity plan is in motion and I have faith that it’ll all be ok. I’m looking at cutting back in the cable department again. I can depend on the kindness of others who have it for a change. I can figure out how to get my fix elsewhere. I’ve got a payment that goes to my workout place…gah. It’s time to get back there. That won’t end till the spring so I need to just giddy up.

It seems like today, though, that I have just let it all weigh down on me. I wanted to get up and ride, but finally had a night of uninterrupted sleep and just stayed in bed resting. I need to borrow the mower and weedeater and do some yardwork. Theres stuff that needs be done and I’ve got most of the day free to do it.

Yet I just sit here. Chatting on FB about everyone’s first day of school, catching up on emails, drinking coffee.  It’s like my body knows that the time of lazy is tick tocking away and next week I’ll be slammed crazy again.

But I’m happy with my austerity plan. It’s almost a relief to know that while things are scary in the bank, every day spending nothing is another day better.

5 thoughts on “Austerity Plan

  1. Nice Italian phrase o the day!

    It’s big change you’ve got working Jilly Bean. But you’re good at that. You’ll be fine and dandy. With a side of utter panic. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.


  2. Second time in a month I heard the word austere ever used. I told Bryan I wanted to live somewhere, and we’ll be downsizing to a modest 3 bedroom soon (we moved once before to get things in order), and he said he didn’t mind living an austere life for awhile. I had to look the meaning up. Thought he meant glamorous or… Well, I picture the downsize as a challenge but then one of growth and arty and simplification to provide, well, clarity. So I have romanticized it from necessary through challenging to glamourous of sorts.

    I hope the glamour of simplification hits you. Or truth is, you’ll probably hit it – “Hey, simplifying” -bam! “This is Misti and I shall make you glamorous just by being in my presence. “….

    Please take care. Amazing things will be happening to, for, and because of you along your “austerity journey”…


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