Active Viewing

I cut my cable back to nill yesterday. I’ve still got HBO until TrueBlood is over. I’ve got back up plans for Dexter and Mad Men. And I’ve still got my $8.00 a month for Netflix streaming.

Mike and  I were talking about how getting rid of all the clutter of the channels forced him to become a more active viewer rather than a passive one. I like that. I like making a conscious decision about what I’m feeding my brain rather than just numbingly snacking on crap channel after channel after channel.

I’m happy with my thought out decision. Just pulling the plug. I admit I did up my internet speed. I’ll be streaming more from Netflix and wanted to make sure there were no problems. But still. Savings is savings.

My latest viewing addiction is Friday Night Lights. I cannot recommend a show more. I watched 6 hours last night. SO GOOD. Quality.

it occurs to me…this is also a nice little way to think about life, eh?

Active living vs Passive Living

Purposefully choosing what we do with our life rather than the opposite.

Taking the power back over things that seem to rule us. Pulling the plug.

Moving forward.


9 thoughts on “Active Viewing

  1. I would have upped my Internet speed, too.

    I remember when we were trying to ditch HBO, but Big Love and True Blood seasons were staggered so we were always saying, “Okay, when this season of Big Love is over.” And then, 2 days later, we’d see that a new season of True Blood was going to start soon after. Then we were saying, “Okay, when this season of True Blood is over.” It took us months and months!

    Active living vs passive living hits the nail right on the head. I know I’ve had too much TV when I start feeling like I’ve been on the couch forever, and I start asking myself, “Am I going to get up and do something? Or just sit here and watch a show about someone else doing something?”

    I’d love to be able to subscribe to just the channels we really watched.


  2. every other episode it freezes up. i wonder if it’s the internet service or netflix or my player? frustrating the bejesus out of me. if it’s at&t, then I’ll just switch back to cox.


    1. Hard to tell. Try unplugging everything. Also, try streaming an episode on the computer. If it’s fine, it’s probably not the Internet. Also, check to see if the Roku software is up-to-date.


      1. I did and so far so good. Also, we were having rolling electricity blips in the Village so that probably had something to do with it. I’ve moved the Roku into my bedroom. I watched it a lot in there when I had my roommate. I have a blue-ray player in the living room that has the internet connections built in…sketchy little fancy thing. Alas. I managed to gulp about 4 more hours of FNL yesterday. So it’s working! 🙂


  3. 50% of the time the TV is on BBC and 45% it’s on the Travel Channel and 5% is Netflix. last weekend we watched the whole series of Camelot. We haven’t done something like that in a really long time and it made me feel guilty. The internet, you’ll use especially with school. TV, not so much.

    You are awesome.


  4. I mostly watch and dvr stories on regular channels. I always wanted to watch those other one, like bbc or whathave you, but it was always on soapnet. 🙂


  5. LOVELovelove THIS!!!! (but you knew I would….)

    On another note, when I saw your FNL post on FB last night, I thought you were maybe starting the book… Woof! I gave that as an option for summer reading once, and of course lots of boys chose it, but it’s loooooooooong and detailed, but once you get past that, it’s pretty awesome. Then, somewhat fortuitously, I met a man from Odessa in the airport’s smoking dungeon days after I made the assignment. He shared with me more of the “real” story about the town and the struggle there after the book and the film and the TV show became so popular. Very, very interesting…

    Hey, so who are your profs? I’m so intrigued!!!!!!!


    1. I’m soo interested in what he told you! Incredibly into the series. I may go back and watch the movie. Perhaps the book at some point. I love football. I love small town football. So it’s right in my happy place. I’ll write a post about school this weekend and go look up my profs!


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