I’ve been to all three of my classes at this point. I’m officially overwhelmed about some aspects of every one of them. The workload, the papers, the research, the time suck that they will all take…

I’m underwhelmed by some aspects of some of them as well. I didn’t know my graduate classes would have a mix of grad and undergrad students in them. I didn’t know that my YA Fiction class would be probably more of a methods class for the English Ed undergrad majors. I’m sure I would have known some or all of these things had I had any kind of advisement, or orientation upon enrollment…but what’s done is done.

I’m doing my best not to let anyone else’s perceptions and experiences color my own before I can make my own mind up about it. That’s one of the most difficult things, actually. People mean well, and any guidance is nice but…it’s my experience. Mine.

I’ve made it to all my classes on time. I was actually 40 minutes early this morning. (that 9am class was, in fact, a 9:30 class.) Parking hasn’t been too terrible except for when I tried to find something close to the library today after class. That was a joke. It was jokier than a joke. My classmates are…indifferent. The grad students have all (it seems) been together throughout undergrad and have a cohesive unit established already–or–they’re those academic crazy cat ladys that like to throw around established authors of literary criticism  on the first day of class. Ugh.

I miss being part of a group. . . and it seems like that was an instant thing at USAO. But that was because my then fiance had been going there, and I had been hanging out on the weekends for a year previous. . . even though I would find my own group eventually I did have a built in cushion.

The work is enormous. I’m working at scheduling my time, getting organized now that I have my information and due dates and whatnot. The discipline its going to take is…GAK.

But for what it’s worth I’m in it! In it to win it!


6 thoughts on “Whelmed

  1. Two things: 1. Always — ALWAYS — from this moment on, have coffee in the house! and 2. Have you ever been to Flat Tire Burgers? It’s close to your campus. You’ve probably been, but if you haven’t, you should check it out. Good stuff, that place.


  2. There are always a few ass monkeys who want to throw their weight around… after a few weeks, they will calm down and fade to black.
    You are doing it. How lucky are they to have you and your energy and your thoughts?
    You are using your brain again… for school and papers and thinking. I love that.
    Keep the coffee vein open… I agree with Chris.
    Make this yours Chick. You are right… its about what you give to it… and what you get out of it.
    Its desperately making me want to take a class… just to be there again, doing it. Writing, reading. Expanding something other than my waist line like I did in Culinary school!


  3. Grad school is different from USAO. That was our hardest transition to make. Things just do not work the same way. You’ll get it. You’ll find your rhythm, then you’ll make some study buddies. Time. You’ve so totally got this.


  4. Hang in there, dear Misti! No, there is no place like USAO, where professors are your friends – along with every Russian on campus 🙂 Here’s keeping my fingers crossed for you!!


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