I’ve had a total of 3 clients this week. That includes the one today.

It makes me gag.

But I’m working with the idea that the Universe is giving me a buy week since I had classes begin.

I do have some clients tomorrow and I know next week will be better.

I’ve finished homework for two classes and just have the last half of a book to finish for my other one. I’ve started searching for a book to do my big research paper over in Bib and Methods…I think I can do Their Eyes Were Watching God. (my second favorite book)  I’ve signed up to lead the first half of discussion for To Kill A Mockingbird when it comes up. I think I’m doing things ok, if not better than ok this week.

The house is clean. enough. I’m doing laundry and trying to stay ahead of the game there. I’ve got a bartending shift tomorrow night so that’ll be nice.

That’s about it. Head is still above water. Still paddling. Still breathing.

4 thoughts on “Update

  1. well, I’ve read all the books for YALit. and my fav was To Kill A Mockingbird. We’ve read some selections in Women in Lit…moving into Cather and Woolf.


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