Something’s Gotta Give

I finally fell asleep around 6am today

Literally tossed and turned




No I didn’t take a pill beforehand. I worked my arse off all day long so I figured it wouldn’t be necessary

One of my FB friends said it’s a symptom of premenopause.

Which just kind of pissed me off.

I am only 40 damnit.

But if I don’t start sleeping I’ll be looking every single year of it.

I’ve done everything from Melatonin to Ambien, to meditation to voodoo. The one thing that always worked on me was Lunesta…but those are like 100 bucks a pill.

Because they are MAGIC PILLS. And apparently magic is expensive.

Happy back to our normally scheduled week. I’m going to shower and get to class.


2 thoughts on “Something’s Gotta Give

  1. Benedryl? I haven’t slept well lately either. Bad dreams. Tossing. Mind unable to shut down.
    Box Wine?
    Its the change of season I am thinking… our time of year for living our best life now.
    Luckily with me… the voices that are keeping me awake aren’t mean ones. They are just busy…ready.


  2. It may just be insomnia and all the newness is setting it off. Perhaps you need to contact the nice Lunesta people about sponsoring you or using you as a mascot. Do they have a twitter account?


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