How’s your weekend thus far?

As expected, our weather broke here in The Plains and the mild 80’s have been rejuvinating to body, mind and soul.

All of those “things” that have been killing my psyche around the house, piles, and floors, and cobwebs and sheets and closets…well. I haven’t made it to the closets yet. But I can breathe deeply in my home again. I went to Sams yesterday and stocked up on enough sundries to last (maybe) this semester. Toilet paper, Paper towels, cleaning supplies, laundry soaps etc. It feels good to have that in stock now, too. Feels good.

So, I haven’t gone on a bike ride, yet, but I have done the things needed in order to move forward with some clarity. My desk is here…did I tell you that Lynn found me a 20 dollar desk at the Habitat for Hummanity, bought it, loaded and delivered it last week??? It’s perfect. Except I cant get the top to attach. So I’m working on that. I’m ready to get that room in order…it’s coming together. I haven’t stopped for anything today but to gulp some soup for lunch. I’m tired.

Friday night I got together with some of the YaYa’s and Macie. As usual…it was a good time. It can get a little out of hand, and in hindsight it always seems to when we’re all together but that’s just what happens. Saturday night…Oh yeah. Saturday I went to Melisha’s house to watch the OU game. Just a small gathering. Work friends. It felt so good to have football on tv and eat great food and drink some beers. We sat outside when the cold front and rain moved through and just giggled and laughed, all four of us! It was bliss. I got home late and kind of felt like damnit all yesterday, but worked a wedding last night and then home for some great sleep.

I admit, I miss being in class, but having today off is just the break I needed. I’ve got a few more things on my list so I need to giddyup. Hope your labor day is less labor and more of a day!

2 thoughts on “Laboring

  1. Saturday we didn’t leave the couch. Sunday we shopped, groceries and underwear. Today I moved boxes around the basement and fought spiders while Chris mowed. I will end the evening with homemade potato soup. It’s 73 here. Saturday, it was summer. Sunday it was no longer summer. I have to wear my coat for my ride in tomorrow.


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