Thankful Friday

Taking a note from Cindy over at Elephantsoap…I thought I’d do a Thankful Friday entry.

The past two weeks have been fraught with great gulps of new and scary and exciting and adjusting and compromise. It’s been…a lot. And right up my ally. Anyone of you that know me, and know how I live my life cannot possibly be surprised by that. I get the same bunched-up-ness over change and leaps in life as everyone else does, but man oh man. I do get joy from it too.

After two weeks of juggling, here’s how the balls stand.

I’m failing one hundred percent on the homefront. I’ve paid some bills, and will pay the rest of my first of the month stuff this weekend. I need deep cleaning, and mopping, and and dusting and folding of laundry and mowing and weedeating and getting things cleared out in the garage before winter.

I’m failing about 80 percent on eating and exercising. I haven’t been on a bike ride since the first day of school two weeks ago. I’m tired when I come home so even though i DO have healthy foods, chicken, fish, veggies, in the house, I could give less of a shit about it. God Bless the 3.99 Little Caesers Monday pizza.

I’m succeeding elsewhere. I’m managing work. My clients are sparse right now, but they’d be sparse whether or not I was in grad school because it is the Dread Month September. Where all businesses go to die. It’ll pick back up. It will.

School is going well. The second week was less over/underwhelming. I think I really would drop my YA Lit class, but I’ve already read all of the books and since my goal is a 4 point grade average…might as well stick it out. I can feel my brain firing differently, growing and learning to juggle the life and the work. I can feel it creaking and groaning and waking up in order to draw connections on the symbolism and running themes in the literature that I’m reading.

I am thankful for that. I’m thankful that I have clients on my book and that I’ve made a friend in one class. I’m thankful that I have student loan money to help me live. I am so so so thankful for the break in the weather that’s in the forecast…Our state, my city, has been on fire for 3 days now. Homes and churches and businesses and animals…lost. It’s been a brutal brutal summer. But come Sunday and throughout next week, our highs are in the 80’s and morning lows in the 50’s. I’m so thankful for that I could cry.

I’m thankful for a long weekend. I’ll be working a wedding on Sunday, but I’m thankful for the extra money I’ll make that will support my last concert weekend of the year.

I’m thankful for the beginning of FOOTBALL! It’s a way of life in my state…and the people here are frothy around the mouth in anticipation. I’m one of them. I’ve got my OU shirt already laying out on my bed for today. My Colts open next weekend…canna wait.

Most of all, I’m thankful for you. For your support. For your comments. For your emails and texts. Checking on me, sending me links to articles and software and stories to read. I couldn’t get through it without you.

I hope to get some rest this weekend. To get on my bike and get some clarity of the mind through exercise. To knock a few things off of my house work to do list. And to get through my homework that’s due. I hope to have a little facetime with friends and just enjoy it.

Thankful Friday, indeed.


7 thoughts on “Thankful Friday

  1. Also…you are not Wonder Woman. Something’s gotta give while you figure out the new routine. You will figure it out because you are awesome.

    I think I am now a UMKC fan because their mascot is a Kangaroo. A Kangaroo.


  2. Not reaching your goals for the day is not failing.
    How’s by just setting fewer goals for each day, celebrating what you got done, AND NOT USING THAT FAIL WORD ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love you, and hate to see you beat yourself up.


  3. Everyone is juggling . . . the key is knowing which balls are rubber and which are glass. Don’t be so hard on yourself! Sheesh!


  4. Pretty sure I’m going to cross stitch the shit out of every one of those comments. Ya’ll rock. and I love each one of you with my whole heart.


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