What I Was Thinking

I woke up about 4:00 this morning. I tossed and turned and gave up an hour later and got up to make coffee and feed the cats.

We have our last day of review today in my Women in Lit class, then our first test on Thursday. I’m thinking about that.

I have a new research assignment to do today and am afraid I won’t finish in time to meet some friends for lunch. I’m thinking about that.

I got some of the best hot dogs I’ve ever had at Sunflower Market and I want more. I’m thinking about that.

Finally did my deposit and need to pay bills today. I’m thinking about that.

I have a decent idea about my research paper for YA Lit. I’m thinking about that.

I’m leading discussion on To Kill a Mockingbird in a few weeks. I’m thinking about that.

There was a great discussion in class last night about writing a thesis or not writing a thesis. I’m thinking about that.

That’s about it.

2 thoughts on “What I Was Thinking

  1. I am thinking about a family who probably feels pretty lousy. I am thinking of the house. I am thinking of our stupid dog who is now limping from his great escape yesterday (fucktard). I am thinking of the peace and quiet I have right now in this moment because I am the only person at work.


  2. And you weren’t thinking about what the Lowe’s people said about the windows?

    (I’m thinking about you.)

    (And Jr. Mints.)

    (But not in a dirty way.)

    (At least not the mints.)


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