I Heart Sunflower Market

We got a new market in town. Sunflower Farmers Market to be exact.  It’s fresh and shiny and new and yes…it’s a bit of an effort to get parked and get inside and yes…inside is a small space so you’re navigating all kind of crazy people just like you trying to find the new flavor, grab that container of fresh delish hummus, get over to the produce OR like me, get your mits on as many containers of Roasted New Mexico Hatch Chilies as you can.

The chilies are seasonal, and there’s only about another week left, so I’ve been grabbing and grabbing and freezing for the winter. Big containers of fresh roasted chilies, the big turning roaster outside in the parking lot. It’s awesome. I chopped some up for my posole last week. They have amazing flavor.

It’s nice to have that option here. The produce and meat specials at the market are amazing. Other items are pricey, or comparative to our only other organic/health food market in the area until Whole Foods opens. I got some interesting things today, we’ll see how I like it. The Sunflower Market brand is really affordable, and good. I bought the most amazing tasting hot dogs for Labor Day weekend, I kid you not my hand to God the best tasting hot dogs in the world. If you get the chance, I know, the price, but the TASTE is stupid. STUPID GOOD

You won't even believe the taste


SO. That’s what I did today after class and a lunch date with Hillz and MGirl. Hit the grocery, then got a pedi, then dropped off the last of Mandrea’s stuff at her place then came home and now I’m in. Time to settle in, have some nosh, do some homework and get ready for my story. . .


4 thoughts on “I Heart Sunflower Market

  1. Oh yeah! I don’t buy hot dogs all the time because when I do, I have chili dogs for lunch for the next three days (as if this is really a problem). Next time, I want to try Applegate’s Natural Big Apple Hot Dogs.


  2. Out of all the health food stores up here, Sunflower is by far the most reasonably priced. When WF opens, most people will flock there, and the normal people will have a bit more breathing room in the ol’ Sunflower. Love that you have more options in OKC now!!!


  3. I think we go to Whole Foods for maybe 6 or 8 things. Good stuff but oh-so-pricey. Last thing we bought from Whole Foods were a couple of salmon patties for burgers from the butcher/fish monger display case. One was spinach and feta, and the other was jalapeno and cheddar. They were thick and ran about $5 each, but so worth it. I really think I could have taken one patty, balled it back up, split it in two, and made 2 regular-size patties from it. We’re going to try that next time.


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