Girlfriend Staycation

I just came off of what will go down in history as one of the best Girlfriend Weekends ever. In the history of ever. What’s that you say?

Why YES! Yes I will tell you about it!

Friday night I went back to Batshitcrazytown for the first All Class Reunion/Homecoming. Darci, Delbert, Mindi and I all met and saw our classmates and hung out at the football game until halftime. We laughed so much in that first hour that if I had to go home, it would have been a successful night. Alas, we did NOT go home until the lights came up at the VFW around 1:30 am.


Lord. Yes. I saw so many friends, older classes, younger classes, people I’ve become reacquainted with through social networking. . . it was awesome. The weather was damp and cool, it just FELT like a football game/5th Quarter night. I realize not everyone is a lover of a reunion and nostalgia like I am…but I AM. And so are several of my friends. And we recognize how LUCKY we were to have grown up in the time that we did, with the people that we did to become the people that we are.  And we had the best time.

The. Best. Time.

I didn’t even care that I had a four hour nap before getting up to do bridal hair for Dawn the next morning.

Because that’s what I did.

At 7:30 the next morning, I had the priviledge of styling the hair for one of my dearest friends who got married Saturday morning to a man that she has loved for many years. She and I have been through it together. First marriages/weddings. The birth of her son. The death of her parents and my grandparents. Divorces. She and I have been through it together. Since her family joined the First Baptist Church sometime along the 3rd grade, she and I have been a witness to each others life. I can get choked up thinking about it. How blessed we are to have each other. I helped her get ready, placed the tiara and veil on her head, zipped the dress, hugged her and sent her on her way with a sweet prayer.

Heading back to the salon, I banged out one haircut, cleaned up another one of my favorite guys who was getting married that day then headed home for a NAP.

I met Trish at our commuter parking lot and we loaded up and hit the turnpike for the rest of the weekend!

Oh yes. There was more to come.

We talked and laughed and talked as the miles flew past us, got to Tulsa and got checked into our hotel. It was a big big night in T-Town, OSU was playing there, Katy Perry was in concert there, and the concert we were in town for. Thank GOD she got our room when she did or we would have been screw-ew-ewd.

The concert was fabulous. Amazing. Awesome. Both bands were brilliant. We were smiley and happy and didn’t even care that it was raining and we were soaking wet on our walk back to the hotel. The rain was pretty awesome. Lot’s of lightening, cool breeze. We got back to our room and got changed and ordered room service and then turned out the light and talked and laughed forever. If we had been at camp, we would have totally been in trouble.

We slept in, got up and got checked out and found some brunch at our new favorite place in Tulsa. The Brady Tavern (which we dubbed the Brady Pub ala Days of our Lives) was perfect. Great bloody marys, I had steak hash, she had the grilled cheese of the day and soup. Brilliant. We spent the rest of the afternoon at Barns & Noble. I had to get some study time in. So we sipped lates. Studied. Read. People watched. Then we went back to the Brady Pub for dinner…Oh that dinner.

We had bacon popcorn. Popcorn with butter and maple syrup covered with bacon. Holy balls. 

We had the deviled egg trifecta. The wasabi egg was our favorite.

We had the family style catfish dinner. Catfish so delicious. Asparagus that was perfect. Stone ground grits. Biscuits.


What the hell.

While we were eating, this guy walked in and sat at the bar for dinner. I called him immediatly.

‘That one’s my boyfriend. Sorry. I saw him first.”

Long hair ala Jesus. Bright purple shirt that was unbuttoned to almost his belly button. Several necklaces. Dark jeans. Shiny belt buckle.

Ohhhh yeaaaaah.

Then he pulled out a big ole book to read and we were both intrigued. We commented and made merry about my purple shirt overly jeweled boyfriend.

“Maybe he’s Armenian,” Trisha says.

“That would make perfect sense.” I say.

We finish up and get to the second concert/same venue as last night and decide that we maybe don’t love so much the opening band so go sit down and wait for them to finish and our 5 hour energy drinks to kick in. Finally we go up, the band files onto stage, neither one of us have ever seen them before so we’re taking it all in. There’s the guy who looks like Crabman that we saw riding his bike while we were eating brunch! There’s horns! A trumbone! Taking it all in. They start up, the energy is rolling across the crowd, and all of a sudden:


That trumbone player is my sexy Armenian boyfriend. Right there. Onstage.

All of a sudden the necklaces and the unbuttoned shirt is WORKING.


It was a perfect way to end the weekend. Laughing so hard, dancing ourselves sweaty, watching the shitstorm of a show that was the crowd.

After driving through every bit of construction that Tulsa had to offer, we got back on the turnpike and headed home.

Fabulous weekend. Fabulous friends.

Blessed and full.

7 thoughts on “Girlfriend Staycation

  1. It’s a good friend who will hang out with you at Barnes and Noble while you try to get some studying in during a weekend like THAT! What a wonderful friendship you clearly have with her. So glad you had such a great weekend!


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