Grapes of Wrath


My mother and sister cleaned every speck of dust, every cobweb, every random bit of funk that the cats have drug into the house. Every closet is cleaned out, organized. Every cabinet is sparkling and every floor is cleaner than it was at the beginning of time. There’s not a surface that hasn’t seen clorox or magic eraser or pledge polish.

I took a car load–LOAD–of clothes, furniture, knicknacks and general useless crap to Goodwill and gave my sister the rest of the clothes, she’s my goal weight. It feels amazing to have all the excess out of the house and to know what I DO have.

We shopped at the new outlet mall and bought some new clothes, and bought Wonderbaby every character in Toy Story 3. No kidding. It was one hella sale.

What a blessing…I’m so thankful.

I’m exhausted.

Tomorrow is Joe’s dad’s funeral. I’ll miss my first class but will be able to get to the night class.

We’ll get up and putz around in the morning and then have to say goodbye.

It goes by all too quick.


I’m coughing up a storm and praying this inhaler will work it’s magic.

I’m allergic to dust.


3 thoughts on “Grapes of Wrath

  1. My sister is brilliant. She redesigned my living room. I think we added another 200 square feet. I’m not even kidding.

    I still have a few things to rearrange. Move a bookshelf. Hang some other pictures. But for the most part…99.9% … this house is finished.


  2. When you write things like this I seriously reconsider my, “being an only child is the best” stance. I NEED FAMILY CLEANERS! Or maybe just a million dollars to hire professionals. Gentle, sweet professionals who come with a bottle of wine and a pizza.


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