I just said goodbye to my family. Packed them all up with their new things and my old things and the child that was busy telling us how he needed ONE MORE COOKIE. They drove off, I walked inside.

And immediately burst into tears.

I miss them so much.

And they left their hearts in this house this weekend. Seriously. Worked like hired help. We did a last minute re-arrangement of my living room this morning and seriously added another 200 square feet to the place. It’s amazing.

My focus is shifting now to the day ahead.

My dear friend Joe…Audra’s love…he lost his father this past week. Today we gather to celebrate a man who gave us the man that we all love as our own. I cannot imagine what he’s feeling. I’ve stood by several of my friends as they’ve gone through this. The pain must just be endless. I’m thankful though, that the suffering is over, that he is no longer hurting, and that somewhere he is reunited with the sweet woman that helped give us the man that we love today.

Joe is the most precious of souls. He is a true friend. I hope today, he is a witness to the love he has in his life.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye.

  1. I don’t think I dread the loss as much as I dread the lead up to the loss. My heart goes out to Joe. May he find peace and have the time he needs to grieve.

    My heart also goes out to the kid who deserved one more cookie.


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