Peak My Pinterest

Do you Pinterest?

My friends have been agog for weeks and weeks. . . I just haven’t had the time to even look at it until lately. I have to admit…it’s pretty awesome. The recipes. The style and hair and fashion ideas…it’s like a virtual place for all of those pictures and recipes and things you’ve cut out of magazines and saved in a file.

Pretty pictures.

I made a few boards last night, just random stuff, some recipes, pictures of cute boys.

School was frustrating yesterday…I made a B+ on my midterm. Whatever. For the total class I’m about three points away from an A…I’ll bring it up. Then I realized that I didn’t cite three things in my bibliography correctly, but my professor let me bring the corrected copy today and won’t count it late. It’s like I’m making freshman mistakes. But it’s a new day, fresh week, forward march.

I made the Hungry Girl chicken pot pie yesterday. Have you ever tried it? Super easy, and lowerfat and 6 points per serving. Good stuff. I have to say, I’ve been inspired by Pinterest to try some new recipes soon!

Ok, time to get up and get some reading done before class this morning. Library work and research time then grocery stop then home to read more. That’s my day.


2 thoughts on “Peak My Pinterest

  1. My customers keep telling me its La Bamba!
    You’ve got the right attitude about school chick. You get out what you put in. And you were always the smart one. I, the smart ass, never tried.
    So proud that you care! We’ll through a big party and eat all foods that begin with A!


  2. I have a pinterest, but I haven’t had a whole lot of time to mess around with pinning stuff. Plus, they don’t have a good app for the iPad. If I want to pin easily, I have to be on the laptop. Wah wah. I know; I’ve got problems.


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