Writers Block

I don’t remember how to write a research paper.

I know basic stuff, develop your thesis, bla bla bla, but I’ve got 3 that should be pretty easy to bang out…and for whatever reason…I’m stymied.

Maybe I’ll google, “how to write a research paper.”

The more I’m on campus and in class, the more I miss my USAO professors.

It’s cold and rainy here today, 44 degrees right now. All the livestock are inside, the coffee is hot and strong, I’ve got an apple cider pork roast in the crock pot with veggies. Class today, then I’ve got clients until 8pm tonight. Long day. It’ll be nice to come home to warm food.

I’ve got some reading to finish before class this morning and the professor announced that we’ll be having a text next tuesday, so I’ve got LOTS of studying to do over the weekend. I haven’t watched football since opening day. Oh well. My Colts are having a brutal season anyway. I’m better off at the library.

Have a fabulous Thursday, ya’ll.


7 thoughts on “Writers Block

  1. As I used to say to speech students, the most important thing you can do to make a point is to have one. In a research paper, you first have to come up with a point, a concept, an idea, a thesis, a question to answer, or a main point to prove. You find that point by doing lots of reading about the general subject you have been assigned or chosen. You make notes, ask questions, discuss, think about things and write down those things that interest you or intrigue you. The way to get past writer’s block is to not write but read and think and ask questions and find what fascinates you about a subject. It often works to focus on those the concepts or ideas that you do not understand. When you have read enough to understand the topic, then you can explain that topic to others in your paper.

    I can’t imagine that you would ever have talker’s block so when the writing is slow, then just talk about the subject, make jokes about it, speak in character voices and let you mind spin out of control with all sorts of weird connections and that will get the juices flowing again and there you are, A perfect paper that states a thesis and supports that thesis.

    From an old USO professor. Hope it helps


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