I Think I have the Pink Eye

My eye has been hurting most of the weekend, eyeball is red and itchy, and I thought it was allergies. I’ve been sneezing, eyes watery, the whole gamut this past week. But sometime during the weekend, my upper and then lower lid became swollen and painful with each blink. I took out my contacts immediately and put in a fresh pair, but even that made things icky. Ive been wearing my glasses…this morning it’s not much better. I’m wondering if I can go to the clinic on campus or if I should call my eye doctor and try to get in this week…UGH.

Had a great weekend, spending time with friends. We gathered at the Ghouls Gone Wild Halloween parade on Saturday, but were greatly disappointed. No candy for the kids. No skeletons with torches. The parade route was changed so we scrambled to find another place to meet, which turned out to be right next to the stand where the judges and announcers were and they were HORRIBLE. So…we hope that next year it will be better. Afterwards I went back to Scott and Beckys and we built a fire in the fire pit and hung out and roasted weenies and smores and had a night of laughing. It was good. As Becks said, My love bucket is full again. Yes. Mine too.

Bonusmom called me on Saturday to say that the choir director had asked her to ask me if I would consider singing their Christmas Cantata with them. Rehearsals are on Sunday nights at 7pm and the Cantata will have two performances on Sunday, December 18th. One at 10am and one at the 11am service. It’s been years since I’ve sung in a choir, since I’ve sung in harmony, since I’ve learned any music, and the thought of jumping into something new freaked me out a bit, and I worried about the time commitment…so of course I said OK! I’ll DO IT! First rehearsal was yesterday and it was fine. I’m excited about the whole thing!

I’ve got a big big text this week, so that will take my brain juice from now till Thursday. I found some good books for my papers, so that a step in the right direction. My homework is finished for tonight, other than finding a stapler and getting to school early to meet with my professor to discuss my grad paper in the YA Lit class. I have my meeting with my advisor on Wednesday, to work on my plan of study and get that filed as well as get enrolled for the Spring semester.

It’s going to be a busy week…I’d better get up and giddyup.

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