Yawn and Brrrr

I’m tired. The week, the deadlines, the ear infection, three days FULL of clients (thank you GOD)–Thursdays are long days. Class in the morning, then work until 8. On my way home, I got some dinner, with plans to eat, curl up on the couch and watch some West Wing for a few hours before bed.

We’re in a cold snap right now, it’s supposed to warm up today, but last night was our first hard freeze. Yay allergies. Boo to no heat in my house.


It was on when I left yesterday morning, but last night, apparently no pilot light. I’ve called a guy. My plumber who also does heat and air. He’s never worked on the unit before, so we’ll see. If he can’t work it, I’ll call my other guy. Meanwhile, I just layered up, and pulled out my little space heater I got last winter.

It’s awesome.

It’s not the old scary burn your house down kind. It’s the new kind. Doesn’t get hot. And seriously. I was so toasty in my bedroom last night! Me and the kitties didn’t want to get out of bed. SO not awful. But just another thing to deal with.

Chris and Cindy are buying a house today! I remember my day of closing. I am so thankful I was surrounded by friend like Kathy, and Yarrington. Every step of the way, comforting, reassuring. It’s a big damn deal and I am so proud of the adventure that they’re going on. I wish them blessed easy breezy homeownership. YAY!!!

I need more coffee. I’ve got a ginormous day of hair bangin today, I need to get up and start the getting ready process…but I can have ten more minutes.

Happy Friday ya’ll!!!

One thought on “Yawn and Brrrr

  1. I think I’m going to cry. Or hurl. Maybe both.

    Space heaters remind my of the furnaces that everyone has in Mississippi. My Pepaw and Uncle’s homes both had the type of wall furnaces where you could see the little blue flames flickering behind the grill. So dangerous, but I used to sit up right next to them.


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