Saturday Night Quake

A 5.6 earthquake.

That’s what we did on Saturday night.

I’d been good, stayed home, doing some half hearted studying, snuggling with the cats and watching OSU football on tv. I have brunch plans today, my guy is coming over to get my pilot light back on, then choir practice tonight. Not a busy day, but I’ve got to really hit the books and I’m still on antibiotics for the ear infection and just felt like I needed rest. I got into bed, and was there maybe 5 minutes when it hit.

We had one the night before that I slept right through, so perhaps that was why it was the conclusion I came to. It sounded like tornadic winds, my windows rattled…it seemed to last forever.

I have to say…I’m not a fan.

I have images of the Bay area quake in the late 80’s, with the freeways buckling, the ¬†Candlestick Park damage…freaked me out.

Luckily, I had taken some melatonin right before…so I slept through any aftershocks if we had them.

On the bright side, I woke up, realized it’s Fall Back time, and am now enjoying my coffee and Kikimama on the couch while dozing off. Somethings are back to normal!

Happy Sunday! Hopefully it’s quake free!


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