Big Day.

Another earthquake last night.

I think I’ve screwed my chances of a 4 point. That methods of research class has turned into a venue for the professor to vent his frustration at the academic establishment, and talk about his publishings…I’ve gotten B/B+’s on the last two assignments. I’m arguing them both, so we’ll see how that goes. And by arguing, I’m stating my case, not being hateful. But it’s depressing, nonetheless.

I have a bigass test in Women in Lit today. 15 authors. I hope the biographical information is implanted in my brain. I’m fairly confident.

Finally!!! My advisor appointment. I went ahead and enrolled, but we may be changing that. We’ll see.

To finish up the day I finally see the ladyparts doctor. I have some anxiety. I have some serious issues that must be dealt with. My hope is that these issues are just aging and genetics and not signs of something more scary.

I’m ready for ALL of it to be over. Im having one of those close my eyes and pretend it’s not happening kind of days.

and it’s only 8am.

and seriously…are the Duggers REALLY having another one???? Hoarders.

2 thoughts on “Big Day.

  1. I don’t even know how her vagina has any elasticity left in it to even hold a fetus in place any more.

    Can you believe you have almost completed your first semester of Grad School?!?! You’re awesome.


  2. ya, you woulda thought they’d learned their lesson with the last one that had a hard time stayin in…

    and, it will be fine. it will all be fine.


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