big day UPDATE

That test was horrible. Partially horrible. The multiple choice biographical information was just so nutty. I studied harder on that this time, learning from the last. But the things I thought were relevant, who taught here, who wrote for what publication, who won this…well that wasn’t on the test. Then I just guessed incorrectly on many. But the other sections of the text I believe I did well on. We’ll see. I’ve had such a rigid goal for a 4 point…I think I’ve already screwed that pooch.

I went to speak to that professor after class about one of my papers. We wound up talking about a few more things, she assuaged my fears and anxiety about the writings. I felt great relief as I left her office. I’ll be taking her Southern Women Writers class in the Spring. I’m looking forward to it.

Next up was my meeting with my advisor. Considering our history…I was feeling anxious. But I left there with a smile, and tears of relief bubbling up behind my eyes (fucking hormones) and a beginning plan of study. I asked some questions about classes, got some information about the ones I was enrolled in and dropped and added accordingly. Have a bit of a plan on the intersession and summer schedules, and I’m just feeling much better about her and our relationship. It’s going to be fine. Just fine. Next semester I’ll be enrolled in 18th Century Restoration British Lit, then I have 45 minutes to get to the downtown campus for my night class on Monday which is the Fitzgerald/Hemmingway class. Tues and Thurs are Southern Women Writers. It’ll be a lot of reading. Lots of papers. But I feel like I’ll be ok. We’ll see.

I left there and drove immediately to the doctor’s office. Long appointment that included drawing blood for tests, a nice long visit with the nurse practitioner (who my appt was with) exam, and appointment for 6 weeks to re-visit. Tomorrow I call and schedule my mammogram (first one) and an ultrasound. I also got a scrip for a mild anti-depressant. . . which I got filled at my walmart pharmacy for FOUR BUCKS! Wootwoot!

So. Lots there. I’m ready to figure out what the hell is going on and get it fixed.

I hadn’t eaten all day save some vending machine crackers and hot chocolate, so I drove myself right to Ted’s for a late lunch/early supper and had some delicious chicken and beans and rice. Home now, and if we dont’ have another earthquake, I’ll be asleep before 9.

Tomorrow is homework. I’m ready to pound out some papers. I’ve got several dozen cookies to make for church. There is a mission to the men’s prison that happens this week and cookies are part of it. I’ll drive those out and practice my cantata while in the car. Im missing choir practice this weekend because I already have a Friendsgiving scheduled. Extra practice required to make up for missing!

Happy Tuesday. Peaceout.

2 thoughts on “big day UPDATE

  1. You know… It takes me back to my days with Chef D. An A couldn’t be had, he claimed. His tests were mind blowing. The wording killed me, killed everyone. He was such a hard ass. But he pushed me hard to be better.
    You are already doing so well because it really only is about you… what you put into it… you will get out of it. Along side all the people who are just trying to get to the end result and get out as fast as they can without even learning a thing.
    So proud of you. As always.
    Keep packing it in!


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