Penn State

I’m sickened.

Read the grand jury report. I could only make it through 7 out of 23 pages. Make up your own mind. But as everyone/some are lauding Joe Paterno for the empire he built and the lives he has touched and the example he has led for the student body, ask yourself what would have happened if he had not ONLY followed the chain of command, but gone directly to the authorities in 2002.

Would there have been fall out and some disgrace? possibly.

Would the ALMIGHTY Program have suffered? perhaps.

But would he have saved there being more numbers beside the word Victim in that grand jury report? Would he have been lauded as a defender of children and become an ambassader for awareness of such abuse? Would his words that speak of Honor and Integrity ring true? All of it is just conjecture, but I would bet that he would NOT have been retiring/get fired in such disgrace as he did today. I bet if he had it to do all over again, he would do the right thing. Because come on. We ALL know what the right thing is. Don’t we?

2 thoughts on “Penn State

  1. I read about the smacking sounds and the ten year old and I could get through no more.
    No human being should ever just sit by and watch this happen. He enabled it. He’s as guilty as someone driving the car. I don’t care if they are trying to say he followed protocol and its his job and etc. Bullshit. Total bullshit.
    I hope they dig a hole and throw them in it. I truly do.


  2. You think we’d all know what the right thing to do is, but apparently some people just don’t care. Football above all else. This morning, students are rioting on the news of Penn State firing Paterno. They are rioting and tipped over a news van, angry about the injustice done to their coach….because, somehow, in their minds, Paterno is the victim here.


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