Starting off with a Splash!!!

I dropped my phone in the toilet. First thing this morning. So if you’re trying to contact me…well. It’s not gonna happen. I have class, then a quick break to come home and pack a lunch, then work, then a break, then more work. So hopefully during the afternoon break I can go to the Sprint store and get a replacement. I’ve decided to get the iPhone, but I don’t want to be rushed. I hear that the Best Buy has insurance, I’ve got some investigating to do. Anyways, Wheeee!!!!


and flop. no phone.

9 thoughts on “Starting off with a Splash!!!

  1. I’m afraid I’m going to miss a lot of contact with family and friends today. Hopefully I can get a replacement this afternoon!


  2. I’m going to dinner tonight after I get off work, that’s pretty much the plan.
    Heading to Sprint to drop off this phone…if you’re ringing, I can see and hear it…just canna answer.



    1. you’ve taught me gobs. for one thing, phones get thrown in the toilet on birthdays. and for another thing, of you’re going to throw a phone in the toilet, made damned sure it’s not an iphone. that shit is expensive to replace.


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