Bla Bla Bla.

I don’t really have much to say this morning. Trying to get through some literary criticism by Toni Morrison. Woof.

Woke up to a cat gagging, yet I can find no proof of it. Makes for some high steppin in the mornings.

My new heated mattress pad that was a birthday money purchase is delightful. I almost cooked myself at first. Then woke up this morning freezing to find it has an automatic shut off. Must. Read. Directions.

Itallian beef in the crock pot. Reminds me of Dion. Always.

My boyfriend George Clooney has a movie opening this weekend. He and it is getting crazy good reviews. I hope it’s good.

I get to see Abbylicious, fresh in from NYC this weekend. She and Seth are having engagement photos done, and I get to do some hair bangin before hand!!! YAY for facetime!

Cannot believe that Thanksgiving is a week from today. What the hell has happened with this year? We spent most of it burning up and staying inside. I feel like we were robbed. Too fast this time thing. Way too fast. Remember when Grad School was just a Thing we were thinking about??? GAK!

Happy Thursday, ya’ll.

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