Thankful Week

I’m officially on Thanksgiving Break, from school. One day packed with clients tomorrow, then hitting the road by 3:30. I hope to make it to Arkansas in time to catch Wonderboy in his Tae Kwan Do class.


Rapidly getting ready to travel, cleaning out fridge, taking out trash, doing laundry, all those things. I”m ready for some family time.

I’ve got to take my homwork with me. I have a paper due on Tuesday. Gak. Also must start researching my 20 pager due at in a few weeks. GAK. again.

Auntie Lynn will be caring for the fur babies, we can only hope they will be receptive and not boycott the litterbox.

That’s it for me. Just checking off the list, prepping. It’s Thanksgiving week.

How the hell did that happen?


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