We’ve got thirty minutes before my sister and I venture out into the dark night, making our way down the mountain, giggling like schoolgirls sneaking out of their parents house.

It’s been a lovely day. A lovely two days actually. I managed, somehow, to get everything done, packed, filled, and maintainenced so that I could finish my last client, jump in the car and haul ass to Arkansas. I arrived just in time to see Wonderboy in his Tae Kwan Do class, kick some boards, chop some air, and try to spar with this kid who, my hand to God, was just as touched as he could be. Think about Elaine’s dancing on Seinfeld. Now add a helmut and pajamas. I almost peed myself. Wonderboy was just looking at him, weeble and wobble. Shaking his head. Kid has more self control than I ever did. Wonderboy not the other child. We came home to Mom’s, prepared cassaroles and salads, came over to Taryn’s, prepped the brine and inserted the turkey, and just laughed and enjoyed each other.

This morning, Taryn and Wonderboy and I got up early. Sis was prepping the stuff for the turkey slather, I was loosening the skin on the bird and Wonderboy looked up and said in his most disbelieving voice, ” is that turkey wearing a SHIRT???”


The meal was wonderful. Mom napped, I worked on my paper, they all went to Brett’s family for the afternoon and now we prep for the shopping.

I know everyone is bemoaning the start times, and the “BIG BAD CORPORATE STORES” and joining the bandwagon to “shop local”…I know all of that. But let me just impart a few words. One of those Big Bad Corporate Stores has employed multiple members of my family for many many years. That job has allowed my sister and her family to have benefits like health insurance, so that my nephews could see a doctor without a second thought. That job has paid for this home that my family lives in, safe and warm each night. That big bad corporate store employes many many many people, with a salary, and benefits and opportunities far and wide.

I am shopping there tonight. I am keeping it local. I know what this specific shopping night/day means to the managers and co-managers of these specific stores. I know what’s riding on the numbers. I remember when my brother in law was one of those managers.

Saturday, I will be spending monies at small businesses here as well. I’ve owned a small business. My best friend just bought a small business. I will support that for the rest of my life.

Monday, I’ll be spending some during Cyber Monday.

I won’t be spending a whole helluva lot this year, because for the majority of my presents this year, if you’re on that list, if we usually exchange gifts? Well, I’m giving a donation to St Judes and or the Regional Food Bank in your honor. We don’t need anything. Time together, that’s all. What I need, I get from my family. So. This is how I’m playing it this year.

The thing I love about tonight, isn’t all the hoopla about the corporate blabiddybla, it’s not the crazy deep discounts…it’s the one thing each year that I get to do solely with my sister. Just us. We laugh. We get giddy. We are organized and we are focused. That lady on the Target commerical?

Got nuthin on us.

The Pryor girls have it down to an art. And if, at the end of the night we don’t get that copy of Bridesmaids for $1.97? Pfffffft. So what.

I’ll be you money we walk away having witnessed a catfight between two 60 year old women over some twenty dollar sheets.

That, on TOP of time with my sis???

That’s what I’m thankful for.

I hope you’ve had a beautiful day, full of kindness, and calm. I hope you are in a warm house and you’re bemoaning how full you are. I hope you’re happy the Cowboys won, or that AMC has been showing the Godfather all day.

If you’re gearing up for the big shop, I wish you speediness, patience and luck.


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