What day is it???

it seems a million years since my last post…and it was the beginning of this week. Lot’s of work being done here at Brokedown Palace. I’ve finished a paper, and am tweaking it. Tonight I begin my 20 page History of A Book paper. I really feel like it’ll flow smoothly because I’ve already got the research and outline finished. I have some quesitons on citations, but will figure that out.

I’m enjoying this work…but I’m ready for it to be over. Really. Really ready.

It’s Friday, and I’ve got some great clients lined up starting in about 45 mintues and for that I’m glad glad glad.

But I’m ready to be finished completely so that I can get home and get to work. I’ve only got one cut and color tomorrow morning, then home to work work work, decorate the tree, work, cook and just get stuff done. Yeah. That’s going to feel good.

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