Off The Radar


Remember me?

I’m almost about to come up for air. Almost. I succeeded in completing my Tomboy paper as well as a Prezi for YA Lit and my 20 page History of a Book paper for Bib and Methods. All three will be turned in/presented today. I have one tiny little review of literary criticism to whip out and turn in this week then I’m done. Nothing to do but study for my two finals which are next Monday and Tuesday.

One Bite At A Time.

It feels amazing to see some forward motion on this. Getting the gears to run and flow together again, remembering citations and MLA formatting, getting comfortable with the new methods of research…I have every confidence that next semester will be mine for the taking.

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to a break. It will be my last one until August, as I’ve got intersession and Summer classes in the works. I’m going to sleep. Watch movies and tv shows. See my friends and get caught up on their lives. Lot’s going on, lot’s to get refueled on.

Just a few more days.


One thought on “Off The Radar

  1. You’ve almost completed your first semester of grad school. YOUR FIRST SEMESTER OF GRAD SCHOOL! You rock the house and we’re all uber proud of you.


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