Last. Day. ofClass.

Final class today. The final one. My paper is printed, the short stories are read for discussion today, I’m sipping coffee and rejoicing in Mindi’s foster dog having 11 puppies last night and about to jump in the shower.

The last two days I’ve rested. I’ve watched movies, Crazy Stupid Love, and Larry Crowne, I’ve run errands, and finished decorating my tree. It’s been a lovely preview for break.

Now it’s time to get down to studying and reviewing for finals. I’ve read all the texts, I’ve got thorough notes. It’s just a matter of shuffling that information to the top of the pile.

Happy Thursday, ya’ll.

2 thoughts on “Last. Day. ofClass.

  1. I am catching up this morning. I am so impressed that you have kept up so well on the blog. Amazing. And what stories to tell and have documented. You will surely need them later since it’s all been such a blur!

    I am so goddang proud of you. You have really killed it. I DO remember when the thought of this venture was just that. A what-if. You make things happen, Misti.

    Enjoy your last day of classes and the idea of all that you will enjoy over the next few weeks before Spring semester starts. Hopefully The Descendants and the Rob Lowe book are a couple things I can help make happen this weekend!

    Love and hugs!!


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