So. This is happening.

It’s finally finals week.

Finals Week.

I’ve got one at 1pm tomorrow and 9am on Tuesday. DONE.

Then I have my mammogram and ultra sound at 8am on Wednesday.

I’m dreaming about these things, in strange and funky ways. My subconcious is over it, too.

I’ve got a few of my gifts wrapped. I’ve got stuff to make a crockpot of vegetable soup, because for the last two weeks I’ve had the diet of a frat boy.

Had the final choir cantata rehearsal tonight. We sing out Louise next Sunday at 11am. We actually sing for the 8:30 am service, the cantata at 10 without service and at 11 with service. It’s a full day of singing, but I have truly truly enjoyed it.

I shouldn’t be tired. I’ve slept a lot this weekend. But I’ve been having night sweats, and that my friends sucks donkey wiener. Everyone say a lil prayer that at my appointment with the doc next tuesday we get some sort of conclusion on this mess.

All the kitties are in their corners. Kikimama at my feet, Stormy Soprano on the table, laying on all the papers, and Sammy Sams is under the Christmas tree. It’s starting to rain outside, I can hear the wind.

I’m so thankful I have a warm house to live in.

that’s it for me. peaceout ya’ll


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