My house is a wreck. Christmas is still up, and yet to be unpacked from my trip. Laundry is piled. The fridge is empty. Im having people to my house on New Years Day as usual and I’ve got a full day of banging hair today.


Tomorrow night is the OU Bowl game, and I think I’ll stay home and clean while I watch. Saturday is NYE and I’m not going out, just going to watch the Thunder game with Scott and Becky and then come home. People will come over on Sunday for nosh and mimosas and that will be fine as far as celebration goes…

Im tired. I want my house in order. I want some sleep that doesn’t have a “to do” list hinged to it.

All in due time.

What I am excited about is seeing faces I haven’t seen. Cindy is on my book today at work, Talaura is coming over tonight. It’s been way too long. Time to refill on them!

Bless this mess. . . and let it go, right?


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