Final Moments!

So much going on!

My house is finally clean. I got some face time with Chris, Cindy and Talaura. Audra bought her restaurant. I had the gorgeous day today off of work, to De-Christmas my house and take a stab at my laundry.

It feels good. Relief.

The weekend…New Years Eve…dude.

How the hell can that be here already???

What are your plans? I’m laying low. Watching the Thunder game and calling it a night. I’m having my annual NYDay open house, so I’ve got things to do.

Meanwhile, I’m heading out to get some groceries for my house, something that is NOT a cracker or cheese or starch, and I’m meeting a friend who’s hooking me up with Season 4 of Breaking Bad. That…THAT makes me super duper happy.

How are you spending the final moments of 2011?

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