And so it ends…

This is generally where I go back through the year’s posts and take a look at what it brought us, where it took us, and where it’s leading us. I still might do just that but for the most part, 2011 was a year of change around here.

That Grad School Thing became a reality. Navigating school and work and bills and litter boxes and friends was quite a row to hoe. But as I paid my mortgage payment yesterday I said my monthly mantra…”we can stay here one more month!”

My friends had a lot to take in this year, transplanting to another state, buying a business, turning 40, dealing with dating again after a time on the bench, illness and recovery, marriages dissolving, relationships resolving. Children are growing older, so are parents. We’ve lost some of both this year. Heartbreak and sadness are balanced with the joy of birthdays and milestones reached.

The world keeps spinning, the politics divide and unite, we run the race set out before us but with each day we know a universal truth:

That race is so much easier with cheerleaders like you. You with your Hooray’s and your clapping and cheering. You with your YOU CAN DO THIS and your gentle nudging and pushing. You with your smile, quick and fleeting that says a thousand words.

One foot forward.

Just a mile or two faster…just a car length ahead.

Forward Motion.

Won’t it be exciting to see where it takes us in 2012?

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