Week One!

I’ve written here before about how much I love Janurary. I love a fresh etch-a-sketch. Clean slate. One fresh calendar, one big do-over. It’s a time to reflect and thing back as well as look forward.

It’s also the four weeks of the year that you can guarantee I’m following a skin cleansing regimen.

One can only hope this is the year I choose to maintain that regimen.

What I did do was clear out the house of all the crap and fill it with the good stuff. I’ve been working the Kirstie Alley Organic Liaison program, because I was in my wine one night and decided to order it. Then I forgot to cancel the auto ship and now have two months of stuff. The meal plans are very similar to the Eat Clean philosophy. My daily caloric intake is in the same neighborhood as well. The daily drink is all vitamins, minerals, fiber for keeping me full, chromium for a little energy and it doesn’t taste bad at all. The evening product that I put in a cup of herbal tea is magnesium and calcium, which relaxes the muscles and helps me get to sleep. I don’t know if it’s actually worth the money, I probably won’t buy anymore, but I do feel better when I drink it, and other than this cold that snuck up on me, I’ve felt good and slept well this week too.

I haven’t added exercise this week. So, pffft.

I made a chicken and barley soup in my crock pot that I intend to eat on, which smelled so good when I got home last night. Mostly, yes. Planning. Cooking. Planning. I have fears about when my schedule gets crazy with classes. My goal is to just plan each meal ahead on Sundays, and make it work out that way.

What else? I’m super busy at work today,which is exciting. I have a meeting with my managers about the boothrent and lowering it to a part time position officially. We’ll see how that works out.

This weekend I’d like to make some progress on the taxes and reciepts that are stacked in boxes in this house. That’d be awesome.

Other than that? I think I’ll lay low. Take it easy. Gear up for the next week.

Hope you all feel good, get rest, and enjoy!

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