What Looks Like Crazy On An Ordinary Day…

Mark your calendars. January 4th was the strangest day of the year.

I had an allergy/sinus attack about 4:30 am and finally took some meds at 5:30 am. This is why I was still dead ass asleep when someone knocked on my door at 9. I shuffled to answer, as my doorbell is apparently out of order, and when I opened it barely recognized the person to be the older woman that lives with the young couple and their children next door to me. Renters who’ve been there about a year or a little over. Nice, quiet. I wave. Nothing ever more involved than that.

The woman clearly saw that I was sleepwalking and said, ‘no no no go back to sleep’ and rushed away. I went back to bed thinking, “whatever, lady” and that was that.

Fast forward through a day that was an anti-histimine induced haze of lazy. I got my reading list for one of my classes and thought, I’ll go check out Half Price Books and see what I can find.

Knock Knock Knock…

I saw that it was her, and having figured out she was going to tell me they were leaving town and could I keep an eye on the trash or the house or will I ever get those leaves raked from the side of their house..I opened the door.

IN SHE WALKED. Right inside the door and plopped her butt onto my love seat. (I’m still standing up, mind you)

“What can I help you with?” I ask.

“well, I know you said you had a cousin living with you at one point…” she trails off waiting for clarification.

“yes. I did. and I’ve had a roommate since him as well.”

“Well, how would you like another one? I want to move in.” she said. . . as steadfastly as if I’d asked is the sky blue?

I really just looked at her for a minute. She’s in her late 50s early 60s. She is a widow who is living next door with her daughter and family helping to take care of the kids but the son in law is about to kill her, she says. They are just on each others nerves so much mostly because that grandson loves her more and asks for her and she is raising those babies not him and she doesn’t want to live alone and really doesn’t feel safe anywhere, and when her husband died she got rid of all of her stuff and really doesn’t want to buy anything new and it would just be a perfect arrangement, don’t I think?

Still. I’m gaping.

When I finally find my voice I explain that I work full time and am in grad school full time and quite frankly I’m too old to be living with someone I’m not having sex with.

Co-habitation is hard. And while extra money would be nice…we’ve all got a price…I don’t think its something I’m interested in at this very moment.

She stayed and chatted as I sat and honked my nose into tissue after tissue, coughing sneezing, clearly not fit for company and I thought…Sweet mercy, why do I not have a camera crew??? We could all be rich.

The day ended with a facebook friend asking me if I’d ever considered joining the Catholic Church, since I was so uplifting and fun.




I got my reading list for my Fitzgerald/Hemingway class. I spoke with the professor and he sounds fabulous. He’s all crazy excited and so am I. There’s so much from these authors I’ve never read so this is good stuff.

My clean eating / calorie counting has been going quite well, if not quite gassy.

Audra and the restaurant are coming along despite a few roadblocks. She’s steering this ship with aplomb.

Im making a chicken and barley soup in the crock pot today. This makes me happy.

that’s it for my daily update on life. peaceout.

7 thoughts on “What Looks Like Crazy On An Ordinary Day…

  1. There were times while living with Chris’s mom where I felt that desperate. I feel that woman’s pain. I’d let her move into my basement if she cleans the poop out of it for me.

    I have used the juicer twice this week. Yum.


  2. When I was in college, the very last semester, I took what turned out to be my favorite class of all 4 years. It was Hemingway and Faulkner. So, you know how I am, I just figured that was a thing, literaturey people put the two together and there must be an app for that. Now I’m realizing that not only should I have asked my prof back then why she paired them but I want to know why your prof is pairing Papa with Fitzgerald. Is it only the drinking? Can’t wait to hear.


  3. I seriously almost S.T.B. again when I saw that Catholic conversion comment on your FB. Literally, took everything I had to step. away. from. the keyboard. Ha!
    Lovin’ what you’re doin’. Sorry I’ve not been writin’. Ya know…….
    But I did want to share something that’s helped me along my clean-food journey: forgo the crisper and keep the healthy stuff in plain sight. I throw all my cheeses, savories, yogurts, and sweet thangs in the drawer so that I’m not as tempted by them. It actually works! šŸ™‚


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