Things I Love

New episodes of Parenthood.

The LiveStrong Calorie tracking app for my iPhone.

Having a friend who will coach my grocery shopping for me and give me meal ideas.

Screwing up my LiveStrong app and when I fixed it realizing I get an extra few hundred calories a day!

Sleeping till noon. Without guilt.

Having laundry caught up.

Only needing to clean my bedroom to have a clean house. (clean enough for me anyway)

Knowing that this time next week I’ll be in school again.

Watching my bff navigate the conundrum that is owning a business and getting it opened on her own… and she’s kicking ass, btw.

Getting random texts from my mother that are intended for my sister.

Seeing friends on Facebook who are jumping onto the Breaking Bad train after all my rabble rousing about it.

Knowing that today, I really only need to make a call or two and can, without guilt, lay here and read my new Nora Roberts book as well as the new one I bought on my Nook. Roses I believe it is.

The breakfast I made myself today. That was just over 300 calories.–(1 light w/w english muffin, 1 wedge laughing cow, 1 cup wilted seasoned spinach topped with two poached eggs. )

Seeing most of the crazy Republican nominees dropping like flys this morning.

Knowing that my trash and recycle are empty because I finally remembered to take them to the curb last night.

This life. Sore throat and drainage included.

I love this life.

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