Big Big Day

So much is being celebrated today!

My beloved Kizz is another year wiser, and more fabulous today, as is LT and our esteemed Duchess of Cambridge. All three of these women, I love with my whole heart…and I know for a fact that Kizz has a tiara and LT has a diamond on her finger that rival any of the crown jewels!

Audra had her soft opening of her restaurant tonight…I’ll be there this week for her official opening. I cannot wait to taste the delight and bask in her success. Triumph!!!

I finished my first day of classes today. I had 18th Century Restoration British Lit and my Fitzgerald Hemingway class. I am absolutely in love with hero worship oozing out my ears for both of my professors. I feel pretty good about these two…pretty good indeed.

I’m down 3lbs today, after a week of eating clean and limiting calories. No sugar, no white flour, processed foods, etc. I did get to the gym today, and watched the first episode of The United States of Tara while I was on the treadmill. I freakin love my iPhone. (Kizz…you will too) I made a hearty pot of white bean chili that I ate for dinner tonight. Navy beans, chicken stock, ground chicken, green chili, spices. So filling and good.

I’ve got insurance bla bla to deal with tomorrow and my Southern Women Writers class as well. I’m going to try to wind myself down and get to bed at a decent hour…in doing so I’m going to watch last night’s premiere of Downton Abbey again. Because really, my choices are football or fear factor. It’s gross.

Happy Happy Birthday my lovelies. So grateful you’re in my life. . . though our face to face time may be teensy, my love for us is ginormous! MUAH!


2 thoughts on “Big Big Day

  1. I started watching The United States of Tara while waiting around the hospital. Knave no idea what episode I’m on, but I’m pretty deep in. Wait until you get to the season with Eddie Izzard.


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