Today is Opening Day for EAT, downtown.

She’s done it, and done it on her own. Yes, she’s had a tribe of help and support surrounding her, she has an amazing staff, food distributors, bankers who have her back and are helping this dream become a reality. She’s got a brother who rebuilt parts of the kitchen at a moment’s notice, family helping in the kitchen and front of house…

But this is Her Dream. Her’s.

And she made it happen.

Through every struggle when her first instinct was, “I’m screwed. It’s done” she took a breath and forced her way through the block and continued forward. One breath at a time.

The menu is delicious and I’m going to taste first hand today for lunch. I’ll report back and have photos as well.

The world is crazy right now, prayers going out for healing to two of my friends.

But today, today we celebrate the opening of a dream.


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