Triumph Redux

Those triumphant thoughts? Let’s scooch them over to Chris and Cindy…mmmkay? They’ve been dealing with quite a bit of shit. Literally, with their plumbing issues in the basement of the house they just freakin bought…

and in the diagnosis of cancer that replaced the Hepatitis A that was given to Chris this week.

Rally. Rally folks!

I’m rallying in a different way, as we prepare to say goodbye to another one of our own. Rudy is a fighter, and has continued to fight lo these past few months but it seems the time has come where we are at the end of his adventure. And I can’t even really wrap my head around it. So. rally some thoughts to him, his family and his sweet wife, Hope.

It’s a cold night here. The wind just blew right through my house. Seriously I felt a draft move my hair. I’m going to tuck the blankets in the crevices at the door, and get out my little heater and after supper I’m going to read some Southern women.

Every other thought, however, is wrapped in Kevlar, wearing bullet reflector bracelets, and is written by Joss Whedon, and being sent to KC, MO.

C&C Music Factory.

Absofuckinlutely, ya’ll.

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