I’ve been sleeping. A lot. And when I’m awake, I’m either in class or watching Sons of Anarchy. Thanks to my sweet cousin Stephie, I’ve finished the series, am caught up until it comes back on this year.

And now…well. I guess my dealing mechanisms…I know the sleeping is a thing. Go to sleep. Dream. The world is better when you’re sleeping. It’s not healthy, really, but it’s better than overeating and binge drinking. So there’s that.

I’ve got a metric shit ton of reading to do for classes, looking at applying for scholarships and that’s an application process in itself. I’m going to try to get all my readings finished before heading to KCMO on Saturday, but I may have to bring some with me.

I’ve been craving sweet…which is strange because usually I crave chips. or cheese. or potatoes. But I’m still cleansing all the sugar out of my system I think and it’s bound to rear up. Gonna make myself a smoothie, low calorie, and have some chia seeds in it. Have you done the chia seed thing? they’re interesting little creatures. Very filling. Very pro-cleansing. I like all of it.

I’m watching last weeks Glee. One of my friends said this episode caused him to promise more public declarations of love to his husband…I get it. But I think my heart is on such severe lockdown that nothing is getting in.

So, I’m going to watch a little tv and I’m going to jump back into some Fitzgerald tonight. I took a two hour nap this afternoon, so my sleep schedule is wonky, but I feel like I could crawl into bed right now and be fine.

It’s so boring over here. Sorry for that. When I figure out how to get some energy, some happy, some spark…I promise I’ll write it all out with joy abundant. Till then…naps are good.

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