Tuna Salad and Homework

The car is in the shop getting my Christmas present installed today. Remote Starter, yo!!! I’m excited for that.

I made an amazing quinoa tuna salad for lunch ate it on a plate of spinach. I’ve been unsatisfied with my food choices lately. Bored. And it’s not even that I want some cheesy pizza, because that sounds like crap, too. I dunno.

I finished my tonight’s homework, and am working on readings for Monday. I’ll be coming right to class from the trip to KC, MO, so I have to get it all done.

It’s rainy here. Rainy and sleepy. Stormy is on the couch with me and we’re snuggling and reading while Parenthood plays on the tv.

I need to work on my dishwasher. It’s not washing dishes. Nothing is clean. So. I’ve done a titch of research, and I think if I just clean the filter…maybe…we’ll see. Right now dishes are just in the damned sink. Which I hate. Years of living with Dion has me trained that the dishes in the sink are gross. So…that’s in my future.

Ok. I’m back to the working and reading. That’s all from Brokedown Palace, ya’ll.

4 thoughts on “Tuna Salad and Homework

  1. Tuna, quinoa, boiled egg whites, bell pepper, jalapeno, onions, celery, garlic, lemon juice and a little olive oil. served over a heap of fresh spinach. Stupidgood.


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