Luck of the Draw

I’ll tell ya when it comes to cousins…to family…I drew the luckiest hand of cards ever dealt.

It is something that breaks my heart for my nephews, that I didn’t give them this experience.

I got to spend some time with my Cali Cousins this week. Under sad circumstances (of course because it’s still 2012) but still. Facetime is rare and sacred and we gobbled each other up and came back for seconds. We’ve got a family wedding at the end of the year that, seriously, is the bright spot in my future. I am so happy to have a scheduled visit, that doesn’t revolve around death, with these people.

And we weren’t playing with a full deck this week. My family wasn’t here, Patrick and Toni were in Cali, but Steph and Jerome and I got some much needed laughing and time together. Enough to declare that we have GOT to get our proverbial shit together and just start planning gatherings.

Great Wolf Lodge came up several times. A weekend here, a weekend there. Timing is an issue but we are a smart group of kids. We can figure it out.


my house is quiet. Auntie Carla and Uncle Bryan are wrapping up their trip with other bits of family. Jerome is en route to Brooklyn, Steph is on the road to Austin. Brokedown Palace is once again inhabited by three cats and a Ridiculous.

I was going to go get my treadmill today. But I really cannot afford to take the time. I’ve got a novel and a play to read by tomorrow, four stories and a paper to write by Tuesday, and another paper due Wednesday.

This is the week I either tread water or sink.

But man oh man, it was good to laugh, it was good to refill on the love. It’s so good to be loved by people infinitely cooler than you are.  I can walk a little faster, and stand a little taller this week as we fight the good fight.

Happy Sunday ya’ll. Superbowl, eh? I’m not invested. It will be on for commercials, and I may just turn it to Downton Abbey. Which makes me sad because I do love Superbowl. Just not this year.

Whatever you’re doing, do it well. Be kind to each other. Surround yourself with good people. It can heal the soul.


2 thoughts on “Luck of the Draw

  1. There is no one cooler than you, Misti.
    You have guts, class and a first rate mind.
    I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

    love you, Mary


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