Regrets…I’ve Had A Few

I do believe I’m stressed.

Last night I dreamed that I had enrolled in a math class and then never went. I’d forgotten all about it. So I was going to get an F on my transcript, and it would drop me below the required amount of hours to qualify for insurance. I’d brought things to class that were falling off of my desk. There was a random skerfuffle with me and another girl who was talking trash about the PseudoSister’s niece.


I do have a lot to do. I do have a lot to get done. I am behind on reading from last week. Work was busier than ever, blessed time with family was more important than homework, but now it’s here. It’s due. It’s time.


Time management.

Sometimes I regret the way I manage my time. Or, I regret the consequences from the way I manage my time.

But at the end of the day…I do think that a trip to see friends is better. I do think that family time is more worthy. I think that gaining .4 this week was worth all the steak and mushrooms and hashbrowns that we ingested, because along with that came laughter and memories and love refilled.

Learning a lesson from friends like Chris and Audra and Cindy and Roger and Ma…emails and texts and social networking posts…taking the time to read them and to write back and to connect in some way or fashion…I don’t regret that at all.

Today we celebrate Chris’ birthday! YAY! Happy Birthday my beautiful friend. . .piece of my family. . . our Obi Wan. It’s a blessing, this day. Each day. Each year. And we shall celebrate many more. I know it.

Chris is the one who says “Don’t wait for a special occasion to use the good coffee…use it NOW! Don’t put off doing something that makes you happy…do it NOW! Live this life. NOW”

And that lesson, it seems that I’m finally learning it, learning what it means


Without regret.

4 thoughts on “Regrets…I’ve Had A Few

  1. No regrets. That’s the first thing I told him after our first oncology appointment. Also, I’m a firm believer that things that really need to get done, will get done. We love you.


    1. it’s like opening night without knowing my lines. Stress dreams. no lines and math. apparently those are the scariest things in my brain.


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