In a Galaxy Far Far Away…

“I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.”


The Force is with you. Always.

Our beloved Chris decided to peace out this morning. His mother was there. Cindy told him to go, find peace, don’t hang on for us. The pain was bad. It was time.

As with all of you who have experienced profound loss such as this, I am aching. My bones ache.

I seek solace in the fact that so many of you, some who had never even met Chris, are sending your love and condolences to Cindy. To the tribe. For we are all connected. We are all loved and we are all hurting a bit.

Chris taught me so much about living.


and I know that I’ll write more about that as the days continue to roll on. Unbeknownst to me how that happens, how there is an entire world out there that continues as if nothing has happened…yet it does.

But for today…I celebrate him. I celebrate the legacy that he leaves behind. There isn’t a person who met him, that didn’t smile.

We should all live this life so well.

Somewhere, in a galaxy far far away, I hope he’s walking into the cantina and ordering a pint. And I hope instead of bar nuts, there’s a giant bowl of bacon.

Godspeed my beautiful boy.

**photo by S.P Eaton



6 thoughts on “In a Galaxy Far Far Away…

  1. I am thinking of making some chocolate covered bacon this weekend in honor of Chris. He is missed. Please give Cindy a giant hug from me when you see her tonight.


  2. I cannot say enough how lucky we all are to have met Cindy and Chris through you. So it is fitting that we send our love, prayers, and hugs with you to pass along. Take care of yourself, take care of our dear friend — she has the best comfort heading her way in you. Love you!


  3. You are an amazing writer. And I love the way you love the people in your life. I take it in and try to live by your example. I’m so sorry for the hurt. But I also know you’d choose it over the alternative…which is not to love. Hang in there. Hang tough. Take care of yourself and of Cindy. xoxo


  4. I only know of these people through Kizz’s writing about them, but I know (very well) the process they just went through. Please tell Cindy that someone she’s never met – someone she will likely never meet – is vibing for her today, and that someone is knowing, as much as someone else can know, what she’s going through.


  5. Thinking of you all this weekend (and for the times to come.) Chris and Cindy provided for good conservation and happy memories. He was a special person who leaves behind good memories. God speed. And have a drink for me!


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