Roll On My Friends, Roll On

And so it goes, the sun sets, the sun rises.

We see our breath from the cold, and laugh until we are once again, warm.

The weekend was full of moments like this. The drive with my co-pilot, each of us starting the conversation in the middle of a sentence, dropping away silently to cry awhile, remembering and anticipating what was waiting for us at the house marked 1413.

Tears were overlapped with smiles were overlapped with snorts of laughter and guffaws and tears and so on and so on. We were together, dealing, questioning, understanding more of the story as it was told to us.

We spoke of ideas and containers and music and photos and words to put together that will describe a life that, in everyone’s opinion was well lived. We sat silently, checking out of reality and into the interwebs when we needed a break. We made magic in the kitchen and bought lottery tickets and more than once rolled our eyes at the absurdity that abounded.

The business of this, all of this is…what is it? Detailed. Necessary. Needed. And we’ll get to all of that. We’ll work this week, and things will come together and we will reunite again, and celebrate this thing called life. (cue Prince song)

But for now, we each are on our couches, in the quiet, working through the voices, thinking about the weather, thinking about tomorrow.

We roll on.



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