Step by step it’s coming together, this celebration of the man we loved.

Piece by bit by corner by section.

It’s going to be a great party!

I’m switching gears, getting focused on homework, paying the middle of the month bills, keeping the dishes and laundry caught up.

You guys, I didn’t even know it was Valentine’s Day until it was halfway over today.

I have only one last thing to confirm and then I will put out the announcement for the memorial celebration.

also, let me just tell you this:

Trader Joe’s is the best place ever.

Their Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato soup is stupidgood. I am sad that I only bought one carton last weekend. I will be stocking up next trip. only 100 calories per cup serving, which is great with a sandwich. It’s my new favorite thing.


I love that Chris would have loved how much I love Trader Joe’s.

Lotta love.

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