This Village.

This village has really come together to put the memorial together. People who didn’t even know Chris. It wells up inside me, this love and connection and I just know that Chris is watching this come together, and is probably as amazed as I am.

The magic is in the details. And in being able to say yes to offers of help, and to ask for it when you’re so far out of your element you’ve circled round and are back in your element. Oy.

The programs are being re-worked by Carey, who gave me my treadmill. I know him face to face exactly twice. for all of 20 minutes combined. But he is a friend through Trish, who burned me two cd’s full of potential music to use and drove up from Norman to deliver. I got a call from Macie offering any or all of her stuff to cater the reception. We decided on the table cloths and later I got a text that said, “I just bought 12 yards of orange fabric.” Michelle is going to outfit me from her closet. I need a jacket to somewhat cover up my t-shirt so as not to give people seizures. Jack is meeting me at USAO to work the slideshow and music and do a tech run after we pilfer through the USAO archive photos. His bride, Sarah has been constant support with offers of food, and her husband. Jen E wrote the obituary. Beautiful words. Perfectly Chris. Friends are sending photos, Todd hacked into Chris’s computer and send me file after file of music that he had. I spoke three times with a friend of theirs from Atlanta yesterday who just found out. He may well sleep on my couch if he makes it for Saturday.

JC and Katie have been so generous with their time, getting this venue set, Jan offering to play the piano…it’s just almost too much to take in.

It’s been a beautiful thing to watch unfold, worth every minute of phone time, email time, text time. Worth every minute.

I think we’re going to have one awesome celebration.


meanwhile back at Brokedown Palace, I’ve got a short story and paper to write before class today. And Great Gatsby and the first third of Robinson Crusoe to get read before Monday.

If anyone has any extra hours in their day…I’ll take them please.

5 thoughts on “This Village.

  1. I have just been told by the doc to basically wait this shit out so I’m looking at sleeping a good portion of the day. You can have those hours. Seriously, I’d have put them in Tal’s suitcase if I could.


  2. It’s overwhelming. So overwhelming. I can’t thank you and all of these people enough, but I know it’s not for me. It’s all because of our love for my beautiful Chris. Thank you.


    1. Oh honey don’t kid yourself. We love you. We love you for loving him. Yes, we’re doing this to honor and celebrate our love for him…but also for you. You were smart enough to hitch your wagon to him! see you soon.


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