The sound of silence…

some hate it.

today I love it.

Chad, Cindy, Talaura and I unloaded the car of what had to come in, called a pizza and crashed out by 9:30 last night. Breakfast with more of Cindy and Chris’ friends this morning. Talaura is off to see her family. Cindy and Chad are stalking Wayne Coyne and then getting Chad to the airport.

and I am here.

yesterday was as good as it possibly could have ever been. There were a few speakers that got up and I wanted to Gong and Hook…but whatever. It was just part of it. Reuniting with friends, laughing, hugging, feeling the spectrum of emotions. . . I think it was for everyone, what they needed it to be.

It was one helluva party.

I need to make copies of the slideshow for those that have requested it. I’ve got a house that is making me crazy, laundry and dishes that are taking over…but they can wait. This weekend my house has been filled with laughter and grief and joy and strangers that were at once forever friends. It’s been my honor to host, and to help.

I’m going to just lay here on the couch, in the silence and enjoy some DVR and Kikimama.



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