Tuned In

I went to Ash Wednesday noon services here at a local church. It’s one of the ginormous ones that I call Six Flags Over Jesus. But Caro goes there and the service was in the chapel and it was absolutely lovely.

On the back of the program were several suggestions for a Lenten discipline.

  • Commit to a time of solitude and silence away from the demands of people and events.
  • begin or continue a life of daily private prayer.
  • Accomplish acts of mercy and simple acts of kindness.
  • To ruthlessly eradicate hurry from my life.
  • and for people who are so exhausted, so weary and so depressed, may you experience God’s grace to be sufficient for you so that you need not worry of these disciplines at this time.

I sat and read that and thought…did they read Misti Ridiculous before printing this today???? 

Or perhaps I’m just tuned in to what I need to be tuned into.

Big big test today in Southern Women Writers. I’ve typed up all my notes. I have to get gas, get to the bookstore and buy blue books before class, and I would really like to see McCracken as well. My afternoon is so crammed with clients it’s scary. But a blessing nonetheless.

Before we know it, another day down.

That’s the thing about making each day COUNT for something.

They go by sooo fast. It’s easy to just wish it away and long for solitude and a comfy couch.

Here’s to making this one mean something.

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