what i did on my day off…

I’m still not caught up with my reading. I used reading time yesterday to nap. And while that probably isn’t the worst thing in the world, and it totally fits into my Lenten discipline of taking care of myself, taking time to slow down…it’s not good for my homework.

Yesterday was Martha Lynn’s birthday. We went to church and brunch. Something that we do occasionally. This time, we went to a church I’d been wanting to try for about a year now, but I thought it would be snooty, and didn’t really want to go without a wingman. Turns out she’s been going for several weeks now. I watch it on tv sometimes and always liked the message I heard. It was always positive and uplifting. Good words to carry me through the week…so needless to say I was excited. Well, it was lovely. Just lovely. The cast of The Color Purple (which is opening at the theatre connected with this church ) opened the service by singing two songs from the show. Tears just immediately started coursing down my face. I loved it so much. I’ll be back next week. It was fantastic.

Next I took her to brunch at my favorite place. I had my usual shrimp risotto and poached eggs, but there was something new on the menu. We spilt it and just oohed and aahhhhhed. It was a quinoa stuffed avocado with all kinds of delicious flavors. We were happy. So happy. It was a lovely way to celebrate another year. They’re precious.

The sun was out, and it was a gorgeous early spring day (we’ve just skipped winter here) and I had thoughts of working in the garden, or reading outside but by the time I got home my sinus was just throbbing and I lay down for a teeeeeeensy little nap…three hours later it was time to get up and clean the house. Lynn came over to watch the Oscars. (mostly a snoozefest in my opinion)

And that was my day off.

Crazy dreams about turning into a vampire, having a seance and channeling the spirit of Barbra Streisand, and standing up an offer to be in a Ron Howard movie…on account of I was turning into a vampire…Oy. I’m up. Coffee’s brewed. Sammy’s asleep on my feet. I’ve emailed questions to a man regarding refinancing my house. Robinson Crusoe is being read. It’s a Monday…

Have a great one.

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